Kind words For Play It Safe

"Play it Safe is what I want other Australian films to aspire to. Pahlow has created a film that is refreshingly real and startlingly engaging... there’s an authenticity that a lot of films struggle to achieve, with all the emotion, conflict and woes that come along with being twenty-something."
- Sharona Lin, Pop Culture-Y

"A sharp-witted and effortlessly quirky dramatic comedy that’s deftly judged and hugely likeable... With Play It Safe Pahlow marks himself out as a director to watch and an exciting new talent who’s not afraid to follow a curve ball."
Stephen A Russell, The Lowdown Under

"First time director Chris Pahlow is a talent to watch... Play It Safe is a film to relish – something fresh and brave but with likeable characters you'll easily engage with, and a heartfelt connection to the city of Melbourne and its vibrant music scene. "
- Sharon Hurst, Cinephillia

"This new Aussie film will resonate with every struggling musician you know."

"Play it Safe feels like a breath of fresh air amidst the Australian films of this and recent years."
- Glenn Dunks

"There is a sense of immediacy and a fresh rawness to this style of filmmaking that reminds me of John Cassavetes’ films... Chris is a terrific director, and it was a pleasure to be part of the first of what I think will be many great films from a great talent."
- Clayton Jacobson, "Kenny"