"This new film will resonate with every struggling musician you know." - TheMusic.com.au

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A sharp-witted and effortlessly quirky dramatic comedy that’s deftly judged and hugely likeable... With “Play It Safe” Pahlow marks himself out as a director to watch and an exciting new talent who’s not afraid to follow a curve ball.
— Stephen A Russell, The Lowdown Under
“Play it Safe” is what I want other Australian films to aspire to. Pahlow has created a film that is refreshingly real and startlingly engaging... there’s an authenticity that a lot of films struggle to achieve, with all the emotion, conflict and woes that come along with being twenty-something.
— Sharona Lin, Pop Culture-Y
First time director Chris Pahlow is a talent to watch... “Play It Safe” is a film to relish – something fresh and brave but with likeable characters you’ll easily engage with, and a heartfelt connection to the city of Melbourne and its vibrant music scene.
— Sharon Hurst, Cinephilia.net.au
There is a sense of immediacy and a fresh rawness to this style of filmmaking that reminds me of John Cassavetes’ films... Chris is a terrific director, and it was a pleasure to be part of the first of what I think will be many great films from a great talent.
— Clayton Jacobson, "Kenny"

About Play It Safe

PLAY IT SAFE is the debut feature film from writer/director Chris Pahlow. The film stars Nicholas Kato as Jamie, a 26-year-old musician who is out of work and down on his luck. When Jamie's band breaks up, he's left with no money, no career and no girlfriend. Now he teaches piano at a soul-destroying music school. Will he take a risk and follow his dreams? Or will he surrender to his new-found unhappiness and play it safe?

Following in the footsteps of filmmakers like Andrew Bujalski, Lena Dunham, Noah Baumbach, and the Duplass Brothers, PLAY IT SAFE  explores a generation caught between endless opportunity and the pressures of conformity. The film features unobtrusive black and white camerawork, naturalistic dialog, and unaffected performances. The result is an engaging, refreshing look at twenty-something life filled with authentic emotion, humour, and pathos. 

Part of our mission with PLAY IT SAFE is to support great independent music, and in many ways the film is a love letter to Melbourne's music scene. The soundtrack features music from over twenty incredible Melbourne-based acts, including:

Big ScaryMantra & Nathan LiowLower SpectrumSpeed PaintersBrothers Hand MirrorRon RudeAaron ChoulaiPolo ClubAoiDOS4GWYes/No/MaybePatinka Cha ChaDyl Thomas & MustSpacecadet LullabiesMerc Swazey X NettsmoneyVillainsGus Rigby.

The Music

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